What We Do

Cultivate Possibility

We work with young adults, age 18-24, who are facing homelessness.

The risk factors for facing homelessness as a young adult are as varied as the people we serve, and include:

  • Aging out of foster care: 20% experience homelessness the day they age out and 50% experience homelessness within 18 months
  • Experiencing housing insecurity as a child: When a child experiences homelessness, their odds of experiencing homelessness as an adult go up 40%
  • Serving time in the juvenile justice system: 44% of young adults experiencing homelessness have been in the justice system
  • Navigating high living costs of both housing and college: Close to 20% of CA’s community college students are housing insecure

We provide a safe space to call home while building towards a new future.

The combination of single occupancy tiny homes wrapped around a main central home gives participants both ownership of space and easy access to community.

Ten participants will move into newly constructed tiny homes while two participants and the house manager live in the existing residence. This design provides a balance of privacy and opportunities for community building. The decision to use tiny homes was founded on the desire to provide a safe and welcoming space for all of our participants, as congregate living can create uncomfortable situations for young adults.

Each dwelling is a beautiful and safe space to build a foundation for the future.

We create a holistic, custom program with each participant during their stay.

A stable place to call home is essential; however, it is insufficient on its own to promote overall wellness. Mesa provides a trauma-informed program that supports the whole person. Mesa's program includes therapeutic interventions, mental health supports, educational opportunities, vocational training, and community-based work, all while working towards permanent housing .

No person is the same, so our program shouldn’t look the same for each participant. Each young adult’s life history, current needs, and desires for the future help to shape their personal program design.

Our Whole Person Approach

Our transitional housing & wellness space is situated on a 10 acre farm in the Ojai Valley.

This unique location will be developed with our participants to discover the profound healing power of connecting with the earth and the therapeutic potential of regenerative agriculture.