Cultivate Possibility

Situated on 10 acres in the Ojai Valley, our transitional housing & trauma-informed programs that support the whole person help young adults facing homelessness create possibilities for a new future.

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Support a holistic approach to the individual, strong relationships within the community, and the therapeutic potential of nature.

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Our community’s homeless crisis is massive & growing and young adults facing homelessness are ending up on the street.


Over 50% of those who exit the foster system experience homelessness or incarceration within 2 years


Chronic homelessness costs an average of $35,578 per person per year


It costs an average of $106,000 per year to incarcerate a person in California, and 70% of unsheltered people report a history of incarceration


Unsheltered homelessness grew over in Ventura County between 2022 and 2023

We Cultivate Possibility

We see each of our participants as a person, not a project or a problem to be solved. We are each a part of the community, creating possibilities for a new future.


Housing provides a beautiful and safe place to build a foundation for the future.


Vocation training, job placement, and academic programs strengthen independence.


Wellness offerings support mental, physical, and emotional health and resilience.


Community mentor and volunteer opportunities build healthy relationships and strengthen support network.

The Story of Mesa

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“I am incredibly excited to partner with Mesa on this important, innovative project. The youth in our community…face numerous challenges, but through the Mesa program they will be given the tools and resources necessary to achieve success in life.”

— Matt LaVere, Ventura County Supervisor
“The County of Ventura currently has over 5,000 students (K-12) living in homeless situations. Daily I receive calls from district liaisons inquiring if I am aware of a place that will take 18 year-olds that need a place to stay.”

— Cathi Nye, Ventura County Office of Education’s Homeless Education Program Coordinator
“I fully support Mesa and the work they are doing to provide transitional housing and wellness services for the Transition Age Youth in Ventura County who will utilize their services.”

— Simone Tureck Lee, Director of Housing and Health at John Burton Advocates for Youth
"Mesa isn't geared towards just surviving right now; it's about living a good and better quality life."

— Elizabeth Clews, Mesa Board member